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Thinking about a Potterton Boiler installation? Bolton Plumbing and Heating LTD can help you chose the best model for your heating and hot water  requirements. Then, install your new Potterton Boiler.

Potterton is a UK boiler manufacturer and has been making boilers since 1850. A Potterton boiler uses the latest heating technology in order to meet the current British energy efficiency requirement. There boilers are environmentally friendly and are easy to use. Making it a popular choice for new builds, councils and social housing projects.

Why Install a Potterton boiler in your home

Potterton offers reliable products and varied options for both domestic and commercial customers. Their heating range can provide wall hung or floor standing boilers. And, we are happy to undertake a Potterton Boiler Installation Bolton of any size.

We can quote for  large or small domestic boiler  installations. Or, or small, medium and large commercial projects and you can depend on our team of heating engineers to help at every stage of your project. From, design and pricing through to installation.

Potterton Boiler Installation with a 2-year warranty

Potterton is one of the most recognised names in the heating industry and all boilers are put through a rigorous testing programme before they leave the factory.  Each boiler must achieve a 100% pass rate and then comes with a 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Bolton Plumbing and Heating can also provide customers quality boiler servicing and technical support for the boilers lifetime.


If you want to look at models for a Potterton boiler installation; why not visit the manufacturers website.  You can view models, boiler installation guides or installation and servicing manuals in the Potterton literature library.

Visit Potterton Manufacturers, choose a model or call us today and we can help with all aspects of your boiler installations.

Simply book an appointment and we will send out our experienced Heating surveyor, who will listen to your requirements, assess the property and provide a written quotation and specification.

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Looking for a Potterton Boiler Installation Bolton? We can quote for  large or small domestic boiler installations.

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